Friday the Rebel Dog: Published by Scholastic

More than 160 years ago, James Mackenzie and his black and white collie, Friday, steal a thousand sheep while two shepherds talk on a starlit night. Friday secretly herds the stolen sheep through rugged, unmapped mountain passes. They get a fright when a monstrous shape comes towards them, but it’s just their bullock, which has broken free and come to join them. Mackenzie is caught, but manages to escape, leaving his faithful dog behind.

Mackenzie is later caught near Lyttelton and stands trial. Dog and master are reunited in the courtroom, and when Mackenzie is sentenced to jail, Friday is sent to the stolen sheep owner’s farm. Mackenzie shouts that Friday won’t work for anyone else but him, and he’s right, but the family is kind and allows the dog to see out his days relaxing in the sun. Meanwhile, Mackenzie escapes and is caught several times, but the two never meet up again.

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