Caged: Published By Scholastic

Caged is an uplifting novel written for the 10+ age group. Set in an urban landscape, the book uncovers the world of inhumane backyard breeders, petty crimes, and the life of a struggling homeless family.

The heart-wrenching story gives an insightful look into those who are trapped in a cycle of poverty and crime. The author covers themes such as loyalty, honesty, perseverance, pride, courage,

survival, elder abuse and helping others. The story is divided into 35 thrilling chapters, with the author’s love of animals and empathy for those less fortunate evident. throughout. The protagonist, Sam, is a teenage girl on a mission to save some starving dogs and puppies, put away dangerous. backyard breeder and drug criminal, and rescue Aunt Ruby from his abusive ways. The book’s a page-turner, and Sam proves that. one young girl can really make a difference.

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